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 “A Bill of Rights that means what the majority wants it to mean is worthless.”
-Antonin Scalia

Past Cases: Prosecutor 

People v. Kelly Knowles - Secured conviction in the first case of felony Animal Cruelty under Buster’s Law.

People v. Joseph Vandenburgh - Secured murder conviction.

People v. Christine Wilhelm - Secured murder and attempted murder convictions.

People v. Louis VanWie - Secured conviction for sexual abuse of four children; defendant confessed to abusing 150 children over 40 years.

People v. James White and Justin Mann - Indicted for quadruple homicide of two women and two children.  Defendants were subsequently convicted.

Past Cases: Defense Attorney 

People v. Joseph Kozloski - Secured dismissal of charges NY SAFE Act violations.

People v. Steven Mills - Secured dismissal of indictment for Vehicular Manslaughter.

People v. Keenan Fisher - Secured dismissal of 58-count indictment for Criminal Possession of a Weapon. 

People v. Marcel Hart-Young – Secured dismissal of indictment.

Mario Hepp- Secured the denial of an Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag Law case)

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